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Riches For Kids Life Experience

A life changing experience for all lives that we touch directly or indirectly.

Who We Are.

A collective of inspired individuals working together to inspire and facilitate for all those whose path we cross or come into contact with.

What We Do

We give options and resources. We encourage the participants to find out what they really want from life, discover the options available to them and share with them personal empowerment strategies to assist them in accomplishing their goals.

How We Do What We Do

Through a series of workshops both school and community based aimed at providing access to the tools to create happiness, wealth, abundance and all the other good things in life.


Initially ages 14 – 18 (years 10 – 12) across the whole range of students. Then going on to ages 5 - 13, so as to empower kids from a young age.

Follow Up

The program we have designed for them is an ongoing process. As they progress through the program we will encourage them to share with, inspire and uplift all those they come in contact with what they have learned and continue in their learning experience.